Dog Grooming Services Available ...

Full Bath & Groom from £25.00

We hand dry each dog, no dogs are placed in a drying cabinet.

Puppy Introduction

This is a gentle introduction for your puppy to being handled by the groomer and becoming comfortable in the grooming room.  We will carefully brush the coat through before a gentle, relaxing wash using, sensitive puppy shampoo.  The puppy will be hand dried calmly to allow him to experience it before further appointments.  He can then relax and rest with a fresh water bowl until he is ready to go home.  Puppies must between 14 weeks and 6 months and have completed their vaccinations.  

Nervous Dogs

An individual service including handling & brushing, together with a short careful wash, before finishing with hand drying.  The pace will be slow and relaxed, with care being taken to work at your dog's pace, allowing them to explore and become comfortable with their surroundings, new people and the grooming process. 

Full Groom

Everything needed to ensure your dog looks good and stays healthy.  The treatment includes removal of dead hair, shampoo, conditioner, hand dry, nail & paw trim, together with ear cleanse and pluck if required.  Grooming is completed with breed specific hair style (scissoring, clipping and trimming).  (Pricing breed specific).

Hand Stripping

Specific breeds need their coat to be stripped by hand.  The dog is bathed first, then the coat stripped, this makes it easier for the coat to come out.  This will be followed by a hand dry, nail and paw trim, anal gland check, ear cleanse and cologne spritz to finish.  (Pricing breed specific).


One of the biggest nuisances is unwanted hair in your home.  Regardless of age or breed nearly every dog sheds.  Some breeds have more hair or thicker undercoats and will shed in higher quantities.  We will effectively remove the hair so it doesn't create a problem in your home.

Ear Plucking & Cleaning

Cleaning and plucking is an important part of routine grooming care to maintain good health.  Wax can build up over time inhibiting air flow and leading to problems.  Wax and dirt are easily and gently removed during this process.  You don't need to wait until your next full groom to keep on top of your dog's ear care.

Nail Clipping

Generally your dog's nails will wear down naturally with regular walking on hard surfaces, however sometimes this doesn't happen.  This could be due to how often and where they are walked or due to the breed.  We will carefully and accurately clip your dog's nails keeping them to a reasonable length.  This reduces snagging and possible related disorders.

Bath & Brush

This treatment includes Bath & Dry, coat trimmed around eyes, feet & hygiene area, visual health check, ears cleaned, nails clipped (in necessary), fragrance finish.